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(From the book ‘Power from God‘, Whitaker House, Page 10)

How will we get power from on high? Christ expressly promised it to the whole church and to everyone who has the duty to labor for the conversion of the world. He admonished the first disciples not to undertake the work until they had received the outpouring of power from on high. Both the promise and the admonition apply equally to all Christians of every age and nation. No one has, at any time, any right to expect success unless he first obtains this outpouring of power from on high. The example of the first disciples teaches us how to obtain this outpouring. They first consecrated themselves to this work. Then they continued in prayer and supplication (see Acts 1: 14) until the Holy Spirit fell upon them on the Day of Pentecost, and they received the promised outpouring of power from on high. This, then, is the way to get it.

The council desired me to say more upon this subject. Consequently, on Sunday, I took for my text the statement of Christ that the Father is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him than we are to give good gifts to our children. (See Luke 11: 13)

I said that this text informs us that it is infinitely easy to obtain this outpouring of power from the Father. I also said that this outpouring is made a constant subject of prayer for many people. Everybody prays for this repeatedly, and yet with all this intercession, how comparatively few are really clothed with this spiritual power from on high! This need is not being met. Lack of power is a subject of constant complaint. Christ says, “Every one that asketh receiveth” (Matthew 7: 8), but there certainly is a great gulf between the asking and receiving that is a sizable stumbling block to many.

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