The past is in the past

Kenneth E Hagin

From the book ‘Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage’ by Kenneth E. Hagin, pp 62

In a church that I once pastored, our pianist had a sixteen-year-old daughter who could also play the piano. Now the daughter wasn’t as accomplished as the mother. The mother would play on Sunday mornings, and the daughter would play on Wednesday evenings. The mother began to have some physical problems. Her local doctor sent her away to a larger city for treatment, and they discovered she had a tumor in her lung as large as a person’s fist.

Back in 1939 this was very serious. The kind of operation she needed was risky. Doctors have learned so much since then, but at that time, the percentage of survival was small for the condition she had. So they decided to give her X-ray treatments. The treatments were supposed to shrivel the tumor. And if it didn’t diminish, then the next step was an operation. She travelled to this larger city twice a week for these treatments.

She never asked for prayer. She never asked me to anoint her with oil or lay hands on her. Her daughter would come to church and play the piano when her mother couldn’t make it and say, “Pray for Momma; she’s not feeling well.” So we all prayed for her mother in a general way. Or sometimes her husband would come to church and say, “Pray for my wife.” And we would pray for her. But she never came for special prayer.

One Sunday morning I had just finished my message and the word of the Lord came to me, “There is a woman I want to heal before you go today.” So I just spoke out to the congregation that the Lord wanted to heal a woman before we dismissed. You see, when the Lord spoke this to me, we were already standing, and I was about to dismiss everyone.

We had three sections of seats in our auditorium. A woman got up and stepped out into the aisle. She started walking down to the front. And on the inside of me, I knew she was not the one. I said, “You’re not the one, sister, but come on down and I’ll lay hands on you anyway. Healing belongs to you.”

Then about that time, I saw the woman who played the piano for us step out and come down. On the inside of me, the Spirit of God said, “She’s the one.”
I said, “You’re the one.” I laid hands on her.

On Tuesday she went back to the doctor for her X-ray treatment. She said to the doctor, “I want you to take a picture of my lungs.” She said, “Something happened. Go ahead and take the picture. Then I’ll tell you.” He didn’t want to, but she said, “I’m paying for it. You just go ahead and do it.” They took the picture. They had to wait all day for it to be developed. It took longer in those days.
The doctor finally came and said, “If it’s all right, we would like to take another picture. This won’t cost you anything. It’s on the house.” So they took another one. They ended up taking five different pictures of her in five different positions. After they finished taking and developing all five, they called her husband in. They showed him the picture of the one they had taken with the growth beforehand. All five that they had recently taken showed no growth at all. All five pictures were clear!

They said, “We don’t understand it. We never would have believed it if we didn’t have this picture to prove it.” So the husband told the doctors what had happened.
They said, “Well, one thing about it; it sure worked, didn’t it!”

Sometime later, she was testifying in church. She said, “Of course you folks don’t know about my past. But I was just sure that God wouldn’t heal me. I knew I loved the Lord, but I have been married and divorced four times. I didn’t have enough nerve to come up here for healing.”

But God went after her, anyway. When she got born again, God forgot about her past. He didn’t have any knowledge of it. It was all gone! And twenty-five years later, I spoke with her, and she was still well!

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