“I saw the glory”

Kenneth E Hagin

From the mini-book ‘The Glory of God‘ by Kenneth E. Hagin, pp 1

But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. (Acts 7: 35)

We frequently feel the glory of God in manifestation among us. And as we walk with God, we’re conscious of His glory, and we’re changed from glory to glory. But in Acts 7: 55, it says Stephen saw something. What did he see?

The Jews who heard Stephen preach this sermon in Acts 7 well understood what Stephen meant when he said he saw the glory of God. There are many references to the glory of God in the Old Testament, beginning with these from Exodus — Exodus 16: 7, 10; Exodus 40: 34,35; Leviticus 9: 4, 6, 23; Numbers 14: 10; Numbers 20: 6.

That glory is what Stephen saw, and the Jews he was preaching to, understood what he meant. They knew that the glory of the Lord had appeared and filled the House of God. They knew that it often looked like a cloud filling the House, so they understood what Stephen was talking about when he said he saw the glory of God.

Whether you ever see the glory of God in manifestation in this life, when you leave this earth, that’s where you are going: to the glory world. Psalm 73: 24 says, “Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to GLORY.”

There is a glory world, and sometimes that glory world is manifested in this world. When it is, it is by a supernatural manifestation of the power of God.

I saw the Glory

I know exactly what Stephen saw, because I saw that glory too. You know my testimony: I was born again on the twenty-second day of April, 1933, at 20 minutes to 8 o’clock, on a Saturday night, in the south bedroom of 405 North College Street, in the city of McKinney, Texas. I was bedfast then. Four months later, on August 16, 1933, the temperature reached 106° Fahrenheit (41° Celsius) in the afternoon, and that was in the shade.

We didn’t have air conditioning in those days, so the windows doors of our house were all open to get a little breeze if there was any. But my body was so cold that my family borrowed hot water bottles from the neighbors and placed them around by body, trying to warm me up! They also placed heated bricks wrapped in newspaper and blankets around me.

I knew all morning that I was dying. At 1.30 in the afternoon, my little brother, who was 9 years old was standing by my bed as death fastened its final throes upon my body. I said to him, “Run and get Momma – quick! I want to tell her goodbye. I’m dying.” He ran out of the room like a shot, and that whole room suddenly was filled with a cloud that was brighter than the sun shining on snow. The whole room was filled with that glory.

I left my body and I ascended. You see, if you’re a Christian when you leave here, you go up. If you’re a sinner when you leave here, you go down. The Spirit of man is eternal! And there is a Spirit world!

I began to ascend in that cloud of glory, and when I got up to about where the roof of the house should be – it was a story-and-a-half building – I heard a voice speak to me in the English language. I believe it was Jesus’ voice, although I didn’t see Him. But I heard the voice, a man’s voice and it said, “Go back. Go back to the earth. You can’t come yet. Your work on earth is not done!”

I descended back down into the room. When I got back, the glory – the cloud – had lifted, and I saw my mother standing there holding my hand in hers. I seemed to leap inside my body like a man would put his foot inside his boot. When I got back inside my body. I could contact Momma, so I said, “Momma, I’m not going to die now!”

She thought I meant I wasn’t going to die at that moment, but I meant, “I’m not going to die now. I’m going to live and do the work of God.” (It was about almost a year later that I was healed as I acted upon God’s Word in faith.)

That experience was so sacred to me that I never shared it with anyone until the Lord instructed me to do so twenty-five years later, in the ‘50’s. The Lord said to me, “Begin to share that experience, and particularly in teaching on ‘What it means to believe with the Heart.’ Establish the fact that the spirit [of man] is eternal, and never dies.” So then I began to relate that experience.

In the process of time we were visiting my mother in my hometown of McKinney, Texas. She was in her late seventies then, and had been blind since I was a small boy. She said, “Son, I heard you teaching on the radio, and I heard you relate that experience. I didn’t know about it.”

I replied, “Momma, I never told it for many, many years – a quarter of a century – because it was too sacred. Then the Lord said, ‘Tell it.’”

(There are one or two more outstanding experiences I have had in the Spirit world that I have not been able to share, and I don’t know whether God will let me tell about them or not in this life. We can make a great mistake when we talk about things we should be quiet about. We must be sensitive in our spirits to know and understand whether or not to share them.)

My mother told me, “The way you tell that experience, you were maybe gone a few seconds.” I said, “Well, that’s what it seemed to me – just a few seconds.”

“Well,” she said, “let me tell it to you from my standpoint and from Granny’s (Granny was her mother). Pat came running back to the kitchen, saying ‘Momma! Momma! Granny! Granny! Ken’s dying!’ I was nearer to the door, so I rushed up the hallway. When I got to your bedroom door, I couldn’t enter the room. I sensed the presence of God, so I backed up by the dining room table and bowed my head and prayed. Your Granny came running after me, and she didn’t look inside (the door was open). She tried to run through that Glory, and she bounced off it like you would bounce off a rubber ball. She couldn’t enter in.”

(Notice in our Scripture reading, the Bible says the priests could not enter in when the glory filled the House of God.)

Momma continued, “Granny backed up about halfway across the dining room and made another run at the open door – and bounced off it like you’d bounce off a giant rubber ball. Then she backed up all the way across the dining room, against the wall on the other side, and made the third run at it – and bounced off again. She couldn’t get into that room! She was almost overcome and about to fall because of the glory [notice in the Scriptures, the priests fell when they were in the glory], so she clung to the door frame.”

Momma recalled that Granny had said, “Why, Lillie, the room is filled with a cloud! I can’t see Ken. I can’t see the bed.”

And Momma said, “It was ten minutes before we could get into the room. We could not enter the room until all the cloud had lifted. I continued to stand there by the dining room table, holding onto it and praying, and Granny stood by the door, holding onto the door frame.

“Then Granny said, ‘It’s beginning to lift. I can see the chair. I can see the chest of drawers. I can see the bed. I can see Ken lying there. His body is lying there on the bed.’ But we could not enter the room until the cloud had completely lifted. Granny couldn’t enter at first because she was so overcome – so weak. But she said, ‘Well, Lillie, it’s all gone, you can enter in now.’”

Momma said, “I rushed to the bed. I picked up your hand and held it. And about that time, you said, ‘Momma, I’m not going to die now.’”

That experience was a manifestation of the glory of God, and it was sacred to me. When I thought about it, I realized that there is no such thing as time in the Spirit realm. That’s why I thought the experience lasted only a few seconds.

From that day to this, I’ve never felt sorry for Christians who die, whether they’re young, middle-aged or old. Yes I know that healing belongs to us, but we’re all going home sometime. I’ve never felt sorry for them, because I know where they went.

But, oh, it’s another story for those who don’t know the Lord!

A minister gets healed

Kenneth E Hagin

From the book ‘Exceedingly Growing Faith‘ by Kenneth E. Hagin, pp 7

Many years ago, a fine denominational minister had an outstanding evangelistic ministry. Various denominational churches would combine their efforts and sponsor him in large city-wide meetings. He became sick, however, and by his own testimony within two years all his money was gone.

A $10,000 bank account, which was quite a bit at that time, was gone. In order to pay medical bills he had to sell his home, his car, and most of his books. He had been everywhere, including the Mayo Clinic, seeking medical help. However, he was none the better, but rather grew worse. Finally he was forced to stay in a county hospital in California. The doctors had said he would die.

He called a brother who lived in California and asked him to borrow some money for a train ticket to send him home to Texas to die. Their 83-year-old mother lived in Collin County, Texas, and he wanted to see her before he died.

His brother borrowed the money and sent the ailing minister, then in his 50’s, back to the old home place and their aged mother. A 19-year-old boy who lived on the place and did the chores became the sick man’s nurse. This required turning him, dressing him, and completely caring for him.

One day the boy said to him, “Doctor, why don’t you let the Lord heal you? The Bible says that if there is any sick among you, let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray for you.”

This minister had studied the Bible – he had been through seminary – but he did not know that it was in the Bible. He instructed the boy to go get His Bible out of the trunk and find that place.

But the boy told him that he had never learned to read. The minister asked him how he knew that it was in the Bible. His preacher had him that it was, the boy declared. And so the minister looked it up and there it was!

The boy told him that they were having a meeting under a brush arbour. There was to be a healing service that night, and the boy told the older man that if he wanted to go he would get someone to take him. The minister decided to attend, so they brought an old Model T Ford and made a bed in the back of it for him. They drove the car up as close as possible, and after the service the preacher came out, anointed him with oil, and prayed over him.

It was midnight before they got home. But when they arrived, the minister asked his mother to let the boy fire up the wood stove so that she could fry some ham and eggs. (He hadn’t had anything except baby food and soft foods for two years.)

He told his mother that he was healed. He told her that the preacher had anointed him with oil and prayed for him.

The mother said later that she thought he had lost his mind. He asked for some old-fashioned country biscuits, too, and she reasoned that since he was going to die anyway, if he ate the biscuits he would at least die happy. So she did what he wanted. She fixed the ham, the eggs, and the biscuits – and he ate what she prepared and didn’t get sick. He was healed!

He began to write articles for publication in various magazines and calls began to come in for revivals. A city-wide meeting was arranged for Kansas City.

The boy told him that before he went to that meeting he must be filled with the Holy Spirit. He said that he was ready to believe anything that the boy told him, so he asked the boy what he should do. The boy told him how.

They went to an old brush arbor meeting, and when they gave the invitation, the minister went to the altar in the sawdust, and there he received the Holy Spirit and spoke with other tongues.

This minister has long since gone to Glory, but his writings have been a blessing to many.

The Spirit bade me go

Kenneth E Hagin

From the book ‘How you can be led by the Spirit of God’ by Kenneth E. Hagin, pp 97

After I had been in the ministry many years, death came and fastened itself upon my body. I know when death comes; I have been dead twice and came back. I know how it feels. Actually, I started to fall into the arms of death, when the Spirit of God came on me and lifted me up.

I heard a Voice speak. To me it was audible. I believe it was Jesus. I know that it was the Holy Spirit speaking. We discussed earlier how the Holy Spirit speaks not of Himself, but whatever He hears, that shall He speak. So the Holy Spirit head God or Jesus say this, and He repeated it.

It sounded like a man’s voice. It said, “Thou shalt not die, but thou shalt live. I want you to go teach My people faith. I have taught you faith through My Word. I have permitted you to go through certain experiences. You have learned faith both through My Word and by experience. Now go teach My people faith.”

The moment that voice ceased speaking I was perfectly well. I have endeavored to be obedient to that heavenly Voice. That is the reason I teach faith so much – I am supposed to do it.

The past is in the past

Kenneth E Hagin

From the book ‘Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage’ by Kenneth E. Hagin, pp 62

In a church that I once pastored, our pianist had a sixteen-year-old daughter who could also play the piano. Now the daughter wasn’t as accomplished as the mother. The mother would play on Sunday mornings, and the daughter would play on Wednesday evenings. The mother began to have some physical problems. Her local doctor sent her away to a larger city for treatment, and they discovered she had a tumor in her lung as large as a person’s fist.

Back in 1939 this was very serious. The kind of operation she needed was risky. Doctors have learned so much since then, but at that time, the percentage of survival was small for the condition she had. So they decided to give her X-ray treatments. The treatments were supposed to shrivel the tumor. And if it didn’t diminish, then the next step was an operation. She travelled to this larger city twice a week for these treatments.

She never asked for prayer. She never asked me to anoint her with oil or lay hands on her. Her daughter would come to church and play the piano when her mother couldn’t make it and say, “Pray for Momma; she’s not feeling well.” So we all prayed for her mother in a general way. Or sometimes her husband would come to church and say, “Pray for my wife.” And we would pray for her. But she never came for special prayer.

One Sunday morning I had just finished my message and the word of the Lord came to me, “There is a woman I want to heal before you go today.” So I just spoke out to the congregation that the Lord wanted to heal a woman before we dismissed. You see, when the Lord spoke this to me, we were already standing, and I was about to dismiss everyone.

We had three sections of seats in our auditorium. A woman got up and stepped out into the aisle. She started walking down to the front. And on the inside of me, I knew she was not the one. I said, “You’re not the one, sister, but come on down and I’ll lay hands on you anyway. Healing belongs to you.”

Then about that time, I saw the woman who played the piano for us step out and come down. On the inside of me, the Spirit of God said, “She’s the one.”
I said, “You’re the one.” I laid hands on her.

On Tuesday she went back to the doctor for her X-ray treatment. She said to the doctor, “I want you to take a picture of my lungs.” She said, “Something happened. Go ahead and take the picture. Then I’ll tell you.” He didn’t want to, but she said, “I’m paying for it. You just go ahead and do it.” They took the picture. They had to wait all day for it to be developed. It took longer in those days.
The doctor finally came and said, “If it’s all right, we would like to take another picture. This won’t cost you anything. It’s on the house.” So they took another one. They ended up taking five different pictures of her in five different positions. After they finished taking and developing all five, they called her husband in. They showed him the picture of the one they had taken with the growth beforehand. All five that they had recently taken showed no growth at all. All five pictures were clear!

They said, “We don’t understand it. We never would have believed it if we didn’t have this picture to prove it.” So the husband told the doctors what had happened.
They said, “Well, one thing about it; it sure worked, didn’t it!”

Sometime later, she was testifying in church. She said, “Of course you folks don’t know about my past. But I was just sure that God wouldn’t heal me. I knew I loved the Lord, but I have been married and divorced four times. I didn’t have enough nerve to come up here for healing.”

But God went after her, anyway. When she got born again, God forgot about her past. He didn’t have any knowledge of it. It was all gone! And twenty-five years later, I spoke with her, and she was still well!